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Why Are Barn Weddings So Popular?

You just got engaged and are over-the-top happy and thrilled. You love showing off your engagement ring and telling anyone and everyone who will listen that you're engaged. However, once the euphoria of the prospect of marrying the love of your life sets in, you now have a monumental job to do — plan your wedding.

The Barn at Swallows Eve is a wedding venue in Fredericksburg. Historic Fredericksburg is a small town that maintains its roots, being still a manufacturing center and home to many wineries. It's a beautiful location to have your wedding. Below, we'll take a look at why so many couples are choosing to tie the knot in a barn. Contact us to book your wedding today!


Picturesque Setting

Most barns are in the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. On your wedding day, you want every moment to last forever, and you definitely don't want it to speed by. Getting married in a barn wedding venue offers a rural setting that is quiet and quaint. The smells may conjure up childhood memories and the symbolism of planting and harvesting can't be beat for a new life being created together. If you are looking for a unique wedding venue, a barn can't be beat for charm, style, and character.

Lots of Space!

Many couples struggle to find an affordable wedding venue that will house their many guests without feeling uncomfortably tight. When you choose our barn wedding venue, you will have plenty of room to roam around, for the guests to spread out, and for parking as well. Plus, you can't beat the charm of a barn. It takes you back to a simpler life, which whether we admit it or not, most of us want again.

The Photos

You want to remember this day for the rest of your life, which is why you spent weeks finding the perfect photographer for your wedding. While the skill behind the camera is important, what can absolutely make your wedding photos breathtaking is the inherent scenery at a barn. From rustic simplicity to a field of corn as your backdrop, you can't beat the photo opportunities a farm and a barn afford. Outdoor wedding photos are a must, having the sun set over a field of poppies or sunflowers and perhaps with a placid horse grazing in the background is priceless.

Neutral Decor

When choosing a wedding venue, you want something that won't clash with your wedding colors or detract from the focus being solely on you. Barns are constructed of wood, which is a great brown color that goes with everything you and your guests will be wearing. Plus, a barn inherently makes for great decorating, from string lights to your wedding table centerpieces. You can set any mood you want, from serious to light-hearted and the themes themselves are unlimited. In essence, a barn is timeless, which is how you want your wedding to be.


If you're looking for a unique barn venue in the country away from it all, with outdoor spaces to suit everyone, from fireplaces and fountains to pergolas and our open-air chapel, then look no further than The Barn at Swallows Eve in Fredericksburg. We offer a 6,000 sq/ft wedding venue that can accommodate up to 250 people inside and an additional 75-100 on our covered veranda. There is plenty of space to spread out on our 35 acres of land, and we have everything you could dream of for your perfect wedding. We've partnered with some local inns to offer you and your guests comfortable accommodations. We also have partnered with REVEL Kitchen + Catering to offer you amazing wedding food, drinks, and more.

On your wedding day, you don't want to have to think about logistics, if the caterer is on time, or if your lights are placed just so. We offer all-inclusive packages, or you can just rent our barn wedding venue. We offer a bride and a groom's suite so you can prepare for your big day in style and comfort. Let The Barn at Swallows Eve take care of all of your needs. Contact us for more information today!

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