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Six Reasons To Plan a Barn Wedding

Barn weddings have become increasingly popular over the past decade. Whether you were brought up in a rural area, actually live on a farm, or have a loft in the city doesn’t matter — couples all across America are choosing to get married in this laid-back setting that exemplifies “rustic-chic”.

If you’re in the process of finding the right wedding venue for your special day, you might be wondering what the advantages are of getting married in a barn or an outdoor setting near a barn. For some, there’s the appeal of wanting to have a relaxing and easygoing atmosphere in which to enjoy this all-important day. While that’s certainly reason enough, there are plenty of other advantages to having a barn wedding. Learn all about them in today’s blog from Swallow’s Eve in Fredericksburg.

Plenty of Space

It can be difficult to find venues that can accommodate larger weddings. Even moderately-sized weddings can seem crowded and uncomfortable if the venue isn’t big enough. Barns, on the other hand, offer a generous amount of space where you and plenty of guests can enjoy your wedding before dancing the night away. What’s even better is that most barn venues have ample outdoor space as well. That means if the weather cooperates, you and your guests can enjoy celebrating in the great outdoors, playing yard games, or relaxing by a fire pit.

You Can Still Have a Glamorous Wedding

Just because you have your wedding in a barn that doesn’t mean that it still can’t be stunning. Many barn venues offer you plenty of options to create the wedding of your dreams. Linen-covered tables, elegant lighting, and gourmet cuisine are just a few of the things you can still incorporate (if you so choose) into your barn-themed wedding.

Photo Ops

Few wedding venues offer more opportunities to take great photos than a barn wedding. Just picture you and your soulmate all dressed up against the backdrop of a rugged wooden barn. Or capture the day among the trees and flowers — using nature as your backdrop. You surely won’t be stuck with hundreds of look-alike photos as often happens when you have a wedding and reception in a banquet hall, hotel, or other not-so-memorable location.

Indoor and Outdoor Space

As mentioned earlier, most barn weddings come with the option of being able to mingle between indoor and outdoor areas. Have you always wanted to have an outdoor wedding but didn’t want to take a chance on the weather? Many barn venues offer you the option of being able to have your wedding in either location. And, if you’re planning for an outdoor wedding and an expected storm blows in, your day won’t be ruined. You’ll simply move the ceremony and reception inside!

A Venue With Personality

Many of the traditional reception venues include hotel ballrooms, banquet halls, country clubs, and even restaurants. The main thing that most of these places have in common is that they lack personality. Hundreds of people come and go through these locations with everything remaining the same except for a swap of linens and decorations. If you’re interested in having this most important event at a more intimate (although still very spacious) venue, you might want to consider a barn wedding. There’s just something about the atmosphere of a barn wedding that makes having your special day there seem more personal.

Relaxed Atmosphere

When you think of your wedding day, do you want everyone to be quiet, reserved, and almost uncomfortable in their surroundings, or relaxed and having a great time? A barn wedding makes it almost impossible to not feel relaxed. Guests are more likely to feel welcome and to “come as they are” and not worry about looking out of place. After all, although this is your day, you also want your guests to be happy and enjoy the celebration.

Book Your Barn Wedding at Swallow’s Eve

Do we have you convinced that a barn wedding is the way to go? If so, and if you’re looking for an exceptional barn venue in Texas, we invite you to take a look at Swallow’s Eve. Located in historic Fredericksburg, Texas, Swallow’s Eve offers a beautiful 6,000 square foot barn venue with multiple outdoor ceremony sites to choose from.

When you choose us, you’ll not only have the venue of your dreams, we’ll work with you to cover every detail of your special day. Wedding packages include everything you need including catering and bar service, tables and chairs, linens, lighting, a sound system, and more. Of course, every package can be customized to suit your needs.

If you’ve decided that a barn wedding is what you want and if you would like to inquire about having it at Swallows Eve, we encourage you to contact us by filling out our wedding inquiry.