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Great Wedding Venues That Are Outside of the Traditional Church

Traditionally, wedding ceremonies take place in a church, and then everyone piles into their vehicles and heads off to a separate location for the wedding reception. Churches tend to be very solemn places, and if you have kids, most parents dread the prospect of taking their children to a traditional wedding ceremony. However, there are so many other great wedding venues that lie outside of the traditional church that offer many benefits and eliminate many headaches for them and for their guests.

The Barn at Swallows Eve is a barn wedding venue in Fredericksburg that offers a lot of space for you and your guests to enjoy and spread out. We offer many backdrops for your wedding ceremony, as well as the convenience of having your wedding reception at the same location. Below, we'll go over some other great wedding venues outside of a traditional church setting. Contact us for a tour today!



Many people choose hotels as their wedding venue. From the historic to the luxurious, hotels can offer a charm of their own, and many boast beautiful features, such as fountains and well-manicured gardens as backdrops. With accommodations only footsteps away, it's easy to see why hotels are a great option for your wedding venue.


If you are looking for historic and beauty, estates make great wedding venue alternatives. Many have huge gardens and grounds, as well as a manor home, that all make for great wedding photos and character themselves. Estate weddings emphasize privacy, originality, and luxury, which many couples are looking for.


More museums are opening their doors as wedding venues to couples. There's something inherently cool in getting married in a room where there are famous sculptures all around you, or priceless artwork. Many museums have historic gardens as well for your use, libraries with classic works of literature, and decor that you simply can't replicate elsewhere.

Destination Weddings

It's hard to beat getting married on a beach with the ocean as your backdrop, and more couples are choosing destination weddings. The advantage of these weddings is the couple is already at their place of honeymoon, so it's killing two birds with one stone. Your music is already chosen (the sound of the waves), and it's as simple as throwing up a wooden altar and walking down the aisle barefoot.


The Barn at Swallows Eve offers many amenities and a rustic charm all its own just outside of Fredericksburg. All of our altars are outside, taking advantage of the wide open Texas sky and our 35 acres of beautiful oak trees and grasses. Our barn is 6,000 square feet, big enough to accommodate all of your guests. We partner with an area caterer who brings in the most delicious meals for you and your guests. We offer outdoor fireplaces, side courtyards, and space for the kids to run around. Truly, our barn wedding venue offers something for everyone. Call us for a tour today!

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