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Best Meals for a Wedding Reception

While many of your guests love seeing you say your vows and have your first dance together at your wedding venue in Texas, many of them can't wait for the food to arrive and the drinks to start flowing. After all, getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime event that should be properly celebrated by all, and having delectable food and wonderful adult beverages adds icing on top of the cake to your big day.

The Barn at Swallows Eve is an outdoor wedding venue in Fredericksburg. Like the huge open spaces Texas is known for, our barn wedding venue sits on 35 acres right outside this quaint town, offering you a beautiful place to begin your new life together. Below, we'll offer up some ideas for the best meals for a wedding reception. Contact our Texas wedding venue today to get started!


Traditional Fare

Almost everyone likes meat and potatoes, as well as vegetarian and other specialty diet options, so you truly can't go wrong if you stick with a traditional meal. From steak and potatoes to salad, dinner rolls, and a casserole, you're sure to please everyone. Since we're in Texas, serving up traditional Southern food is sure to be a hit as well. From chicken-fried steak and black-eyed peas to collard greens, turnips, and cornbread, a good Southern meal is sure to satisfy.


Fish is usually a popular option, especially as an appetizer. If you offer your guests a great shrimp bowl to munch on while you finish up your wedding photos and then follow it up with a lobster tail, salmon, ahi tuna, and more, you are sure to get compliments. Fish is a lighter meal, so your guests can eat without feeling heavy afterwards, which is important if it's a hot summer day in Texas. Green beans, mashed potatoes, and great cocktails and beer will be the icing on the cake for your fish-themed wedding reception food.

Country-Themed Food

From Italian to Mexican and French, you can choose country-themed food for your wedding reception. For example, Italian food is rich in noodles, which is sure to please the kids who have joined your celebration. With plenty of meaty options, from meatballs marinara to stuffed mushrooms and ravioli, Italian food is easy to prepare and not a mess to clean up. Mexican-based can be more finger-foods, which is easy on cleanup as well without the cutlery to worry about. From burritos to tacos and fajitas, Mexican is always a favorite amongst guests. This is also a great way to throw in your heritage if you or your fiance is from a certain country or of heritage you want to celebrate.

Whatever Food You Want

We are brought up to think of others first and to put our needs last. However, wedding days are one of the few times it can be and is supposed to be all about you. Thus, in the end, whatever food you want to have at your wedding reception is the route you should go. If you and your fiance had your first date at a seafood restaurant, then have seafood. If you went to a movie and grabbed a burrito afterwards, have burritos. While it's important to feed your guests, truthfully, they will eat anything as long as it's good.


The Barn at Swallows Eve is a place of beauty nestled outside of the town of Fredericksburg that is quiet and quaint — perfect as a place to tie the knot. Outside of our beautiful barn wedding venue, we've partnered with the best caterer in the area, REVEL Kitchen + Catering who will create delicious fares for you and your guests.

Our caterers can handle the rehearsal dinner, engagement party, and the main event. They are licensed to serve alcohol as well, so you won't have to have more than one caterer for your outdoor wedding. From appetizers to the main course and desserts, you will be blown away by the variety. They offer something for everyone and can accommodate special dietary restrictions.

The food at your barn wedding is important; partner with us for your all-inclusive wedding today!

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